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                Spherical mirror
                產品詳情 product details

                Product introduction:
                Spherical mirrors are processed using Class A optical glass materials. Spherical mirrors are widely used for laser collimation, laser-fiber coupling, fiber-fiber coupling, and light source-sensor coupling. The coupling efficiency is usually greater than 90%. In order to make one fiber and another or optical sensor coupling, the end of the light must be placed at the focal point of the spherical mirror, so that the output light becomes parallel light, and then a spherical mirror is placed on the same axis to focus the light, and the optical fiber end face or optical sensor to be coupled is placed at the focal point.

                Technical characteristics and advantages:
                It has the production of spherical mirrors with ultra-high diameter accuracy and ultra-high surface accuracy. It can also use various materials according to customer requirements to produce spherical mirrors with a diameter of 4.0mm to 50mm.

                AR, automotive, security, astronomy, radar systems, projectors, and solar concentrating systems.