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                ITO Patterned Components
                產品詳情 product details

                Product introduction:

                Transparent ITO film is plated on the flat glass, and etched into the pattern and resistance value required by the customer. The main feature of ITO material is that it transmits light in a wide range of wavelengths, and at the same time has the function of conducting electricity, which can cut off electronic radiation, ultraviolet rays and far infrared rays which are harmful to the human body. In addition, ITO is very easy to etch fine patterns in the acid to make a graphical resistance or capacitance, and the light transmittance of the device can reach more than 90%.

                Technical characteristics and advantages:

                The product requires a combination of electrical and optical properties, including ellow light process, optical coating and microstructure detection technology
                Graphic accuracy: minimum CD(critical dimension)20μm; size tolerance:±5μm; Alignment accuracy: ±6μm

                3D camera DOE