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                business school

                Unity of Knowledge and Action, integration of Training and Practice

                Crystal Business College was founded on 02-Aug-2017 with its mission of “To Timely, Accurately and Effectively expounding the Corporate Values, Strategic Implementation and Business Growth” by combining theories of “Knowledge and Action, Training and Practice”.
                Crystal Business College uses its Chinese Character of “晶, Jing”, meaning of crystal and its pureness clarity to create a learning ecology by gathering its strengths from the platforms of Knowledge, Learning and Service. Meanwhile, “Jing” series of talent development programs are an important link to guarantee and generate (train) its own talents.

                Learning and Growth system

                Summarizing experience from practice is from “action ” to “knowledge”. The course is taken as the experience and guidance to working practice, which is from “knowledge” to “action”. Classroom training and tutoring mean “training” and performance oriented means “practice”.

                Acquiring knowledge from practical experience is “Action” to “Knowledge” while giving work-related lessons and guidance is to actualize effectively for “Knowledge” to “Action”. Hence such classroom lessons coupled with expert’s guidance generate “Knowledge Training” that gives rise to performance results-oriented (action) is to “Strive”.
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